Honda GX35

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Items included:

  1. 2 T blade
  2. Debris guard
  3. Measuring fuel tank
  4. Tool kit
  5. Grass trimmer (Compliments)
  6. Safety goggles (Compliments, if available only)

Optional items available:

  1. Rice harvester set
  2. 6 blades cutter head
  3. Steel wire trimmer head
  4. Chain link trimmer head

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Model: GX35

Honda GX35 backpack brush cutter with -petrol engine.


  • Powerful and good acceleration – The 4-stoke Honda engine design delivers high torque and horse power. Quick throttle response.
  • No Smoke, No Smell – With Micro Honda 4-stroke engine.
  • Low Vibration Mounting Frame – Anti-vibration mountings for comfortable operation.
  • Easy Starting and Handling – Easy pulling and reliable starting, no need to make fuel oil mixing.
  • 1/2 Running Cost – Less fuel consumption than 2-stroke engine.


Pipe diameter:

Driving shaft diameter:7mm
Clutch:Automatic centrifugal type
Engine:Honda GX35
Type:Air-cooled, 4 stroke OHC Gasoline engine
Fuel tank capacity:0.7 liters
Starting system:Recoil starter
Carburetor:Diaphragm type
Air cleaner:Semi-dry type
Weight:10.kg (Gross)
Made in:Thailand


What would happen to my 4 stroke engine if I didn’t fill up enough oil (4T oil)?

The engine would run briefly before seizing permanently as the bearings and shafts will be welded themselves together.

There may also be a bit of an explosion as the cylinder rods break and punch holes in the engine block.

All the moving parts in a 2-stroke engine are lubricated by the fuel mixture vapor prior to combustion, but in a 4-stroke engine there’s a complete separation of the mixture and lubrication system.

No oil in a 4 stroke is quickly and permanently fatal, much the same as no oil in the fuel of a 2 stroke engine is similarly so.

Weight 15000 g


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