Bhutan Business Express alias Drukzom is a legitimate business entity established vide Business License No. 1003849, dated 12/09/2013, Approval No. RTIO/TLA-(2)/2013 from the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Drukzom is an online store of garden machines that you will find us at competitive prices, indeed better than you can find it in traditional stores.

Forget crowded malls, difficulty in parking lots, walking from door to door in malls or shopping complex to find your right items. You can now buy our products online, a one-click store that guarantees all you want to buy.

Drukzom is dedicated to fulfilling your wishes without any difficulties and hardships, ensuring everything in making your purchase choice right, and having it delivered to your nearest locations. 
Bhutan’s first online shopping store since 2013.

We also offer good after sale service and your satisfaction is our business motto.

Your Choice of Business!



Bhutan Business Express
Olakha, G.P.O. Thimphu, Bhutan

Contact: +97517608499, E-mail: